How do you support enrolled students who have learning challenges?

We have many tools available to help students with specific learning needs. The unique adaptability of our curriculum, combined with the one-to-one support that students receive from both their Oak Meadow teacher and their parent/home teacher, often helps students overcome challenges that made learning in a traditional school setting difficult. We also offer a list of resources to assist students with learning executive skills such as time management, organization, and study strategies.

If a student is working below grade level in one or more subjects, accommodations can be made by enrolling the child in different grade levels for different subjects, and putting into place a Learning Plan that details specific modifications to the grade-level curriculum. After a detailed review of the student’s work, prior assessments, and learning needs, specific recommendations are made for curriculum modifications (such as reducing the number or length of assignments, working at a different grade level, dictating written work, or integrating educational support technology). The Oak Meadow Learning Plan is an official school document that becomes part of the student’s permanent record; this allows a student to receive academic credit for an adjusted work load.

If necessary, a Learning Plan is put into place before enrollment to help the student have a successful learning experience. There is no fee for a Learning Plan assessment. If it is determined that a Learning Plan is needed, there is a $300 fee in addition to the tuition.