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Spring 2018: Parent Powered!

Group learning lets students exchange ideas and absorb new perspectives, hone communication and listening skills, delve into new interests, and build on the shared energy of cooperative enterprise. No wonder so many parents are incorporating it into their homeschooling! Check out this edition of Living Education to find out how you might bring the rich benefits of cooperative learning to your family.

Fall 2017: Roots: Place-based Education

What gives you a sense of place? What does it mean to have a sense of place? this issue explores the value of place-based education. When we use the resources all around us—environmental, cultural, community, and human—we build in our students a stronger sense of themselves and their place in the world.

Spring 2017: Flow

Flow brings to mind an athlete, artist, or musician who is totally focused and performing optimally. Flow can also relate to how the seasons flow into one another, or how the phases of our lives (or our careers) flow from one to the next. Flow is seen in the stages of parenting, and the relationships between family members. Read about what “getting in the flow” of teaching, learning, and living means to several guest authors.

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