Gifted and Talented Students

Oak Meadow supports gifted and talented students by freeing them from the restrictions of traditional schooling and giving them the flexibility to pursue their strengths, interests, gifts, and talents. We provide a fully accredited, dynamic education based on project-based learning and modeled on the academics provided by top-tier independent boarding schools.

Our student-scholars dance with professional ballet companies, play with symphony orchestras, act in off-Broadway shows, and pursue science in the field, while achieving academic excellence. One of our students, now a graduate, was named a 2016 Presidential Scholar, one of the highest honors for high school students in the country. (Read our article, “Challenging the Advanced Student.”)

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Oak Meadow’s talented students achieve great success and joy in meeting their personal goals. Why? We encourage students to:

  • explore self-initiated projects.
  • integrate academic work with creativity and innovation.
  • dive deep into topics of interest.
  • take advantage of our flexible programming to focus on their passion.
  • earn high school credit for a variety of extracurricular activities.

World-class cellist, U.S. Presidential Scholar

“Pursue your intellectual interests and devote time to your art.”

Zlatomir is a world-class cellist who chose Oak Meadow so he could devote time to rehearsals, performances, and competitions. His intellect was challenged by his Oak Meadow courses in philosophy, literature, and chess, and our self-directed Advanced Study Project allowed him to pursue a newfound interest in postcolonial literary analysis. Zlatomir was named a 2016 U.S. Presidential Scholar, one of the most prestigious honors for high school students in the nation.

Actor by Day, High Schooler by Night

“Don’t put off what you want to be doing in life.”

Making the most of our signature programs, Lily earned life experience credit for her work as a photojournalist, music instructor, model, and organic farmer while maintaining a high level of academic achievement. This freedom to explore revealed a deeper passion: acting. After taking summer classes at the esteemed Michael Howard Studios in NYC, Lily was invited to attend their full-year conservatory program. She completed her Oak Meadow diploma while following her dream.