FAQs: High School

Do you offer any resources for high school students going through the college application process?

We have developed several tools to help college–bound students and their families. Our Oak Meadow college counselor is available to consult both with enrolled students (included with tuition) and independent users (for an hourly fee). With extensive experience in college admissions, she guides and assists students in making the most of their homeschooling experience on college application materials. In addition, we offer students an academic planning sheet to help them keep track of their credits, and enrolled students receive an annual transcript review to make sure they are on track to achieve their academic goals. See our college counseling page for more information, resources, and helpful links.

Does Oak Meadow offer AP, computer science & technology courses?

For students enrolled in Oak Meadow School, Advanced Placement (AP), computer science & technology, and selected elective courses are available through a partnership with Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth (CTYOnline). AP courses are session based and have an application deadline; computer science and technology courses are individually paced and may be started at any time during the year. These online courses can be taken for Oak Meadow credit and can satisfy both core and elective requirements. The AP courses will prepare students for the College Board AP exams. (Colleges will consider accepting AP credits for college credit only if the exam has been successfully completed.) All CTYOnline courses provide a dynamic online experience along with excellent teacher support from experienced CTYOnline teachers.

In order to receive credit for CTYOnline courses and to have them reflected on the Oak Meadow transcript, begin the enrollment process by filling out the Ready To Apply form or Re-enroll form. We recommend you begin the enrollment process at least one month prior to the CTY application deadlines, as many AP courses are session-based, with a set start and end date.

Please visit CTYOnline for important information on eligibility requirements and for information on the courses and the course calendar.

How much writing is required in high school? How do you help students develop writing skills in middle school and high school?

The Oak Meadow curriculum focuses on strong reading and writing skills, and students are given a wide variety of assignments to help them develop these skills. We also incorporate writing across the curriculum, so science and math teachers will hold students to the same writing conventions as do our humanities teachers.

Students learn to write well thought out essays and opinion pieces, conduct in-depth research, craft fiction and poetry, work with many styles of non-fiction writing, and produce cohesive, persuasive writing. The amount of writing each week varies, but student regularly produce essay and reports of different lengths. In general, students can expect to spend approximately one hour per day per subject, or 5 hours per week per subject. Of course, every student is different and some may need more time with particular assignments or subjects (e.g., writing or math).

Is the high school curriculum similar to the K-8 curriculum?

Both our high school and K-8 curricula are based on the following guiding principles: provide an engaging, experiential learning experience built on rigorous academic standards; support and adapt to each student’s learning style and needs; and respect the sensitivity, intelligence and creativity of each individual.

Both our K-8 and high school curricula offer hands-on experiences and creative assignments. Naturally, there is more time in the early grades for students to do craft and art projects, but we continue to integrate artistic expression into the curriculum throughout high school. As students progress from middle school to high school, they experience a greater intellectual curiosity. Our curriculum takes advantage of this by providing increasingly rigorous academic challenges, which helps prepare students for college and career.

What requirements need to be met in order for a student to earn an Oak Meadow diploma?

Students earn an accredited transcript that is recognized by colleges and universities worldwide. In order to graduate from Oak Meadow, a student must be enrolled in Oak Meadow for her or his senior year for a minimum of three credits and meet all other credit requirements. Students transferring to Oak Meadow must provide official transcripts from an accredited learning institution in order for previous work to be included on the Oak Meadow transcript. Our graduation requirements can be found in our High School Catalog.

All enrolled students are encouraged to become familiar with our graduation requirements. Transcript reviews are conducted each spring (or any time by request) to ensure every enrolled student is on track toward graduation and being awarded an Oak Meadow diploma.