Tuition and Payment

Tuition fees for enrolled students include all course materials for the full school year or semester. For grades K-8, tuition fees are per grade; high school fees are on a per-course basis.

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Pricing below does not include shipping, tax where applicable, or additional fees.
Prices in effect January 1, 2017.

Grade Tuition, Full Year**
(10 months)
Tuition, Single Semester**
(5 months)
K-4 $3,000 $1,800
5-8* $4,000 $2,400
High School, per course $2,000 $1,200
ESOL: English for the American Classroom  $1,500

*In grades 5-8, it is possible to enroll in separate subjects. Please contact one of our educational counselors for details.

**Vermont students and families enrolled in Vermont Public Schools: In order to use Vermont Public School district funds to access Oak Meadow services, your school district must be contracted with Oak Meadow. For more information, contact Oak Meadow School Liaison Steve Lorenz at or 802-251-7250; or ask your school district administrator to contact us directly.

Discounts and Details

Enrolled families are eligible to receive a 5 percent tuition discount for each additional sibling enrollment. Excluded from sale prices.

Oak Meadow is pleased to offer a 10 percent discount to all active military service members and veterans. In order to receive the discount, please call our office at 802-251-7250 to place your order. The military discount is valid for all curriculum and bookstore purchases and enrollment tuition. Proof of military status required. Active service members may provide a current pay stub (with all financial information blacked out) and contact information for a commanding officer; veterans may submit form DD214. Please scan and email the documentation to or fax to 802-251-7258 . This military discount cannot be used in combination with sales or other discounts.

Oak Meadow Payment Plan

Please note: the Tuition Payment Plan has a $900 minimum.

Our payment plan helps make a high-quality Oak Meadow education possible for more families by allowing them to spread out payments over time. Families pay 40 percent down at the time of enrollment and the remaining amount is divided into easy monthly payments. (Amounts less than $1,000 and semester-only courses have a 3-month payment option. Amounts over $1,000 and full-year courses have a 6-month payment option.) FACTS, our tuition management company, charges a one-time $41 fee for this interest-free payment plan. Oak Meadow will set up your payment plan with FACTS once we’ve collected all necessary information. To enroll in the FACTS monthly payment plan, call (802) 490-2014 or email

Kindergarten-8th Grade

Kindergarten-4th Grade
Monthly Payments
5th-8th Grade
Monthly Payments
Full year tuition: $3,000
Down payment of 40% ($1,200)
6 monthly payments of $300
Full year tuition: $4,000
Down payment of 40% ($1,600)
6 monthly payments of $400
Semester (half-year): $1,800
Down payment of 40% ($720)
3 monthly payments of $360
Semester (half-year): $2,400
Down payment of 40% ($960)
3 monthly payments of $480

High School Enrollment

Full Year = $2,000 per course
Semester (half-year) = $1,200 per course
Down payment of 40% = $800
6 monthly payments of $200 per course
Down payment of 40% = $480
3 monthly payments of $240 per course
(payment plan only for tuition fees of $960 or more)

Down payment for payment plan is 40% of total for high school, plus shipping.

Payment Options

We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express credit cards. We are also able to accept electronic or E-Checks, personal checks, and money orders. We do not accept cash through the mail. All returned checks are subject to a $20.00 processing fee. Canadian and foreign checks must be drawn on U.S. funds.

School Year Extensions

Students enrolled in a full year course have ten months to complete 36 weekly lessons. If additional time beyond the ten-month school year is needed to complete a course, there are two options available: purchase a two- month extension or re-enroll for an additional semester.

Two-month extension: Students who have no more than ten lessons left to complete are eligible to add a two-month extension to their end date. The fee for an extension is $200. Please note: A school year may not last more than 12 months, and no extensions beyond two months will be granted. Students who would like to request an extension are asked to contact their teacher. If there are more than ten lessons outstanding, the student may be required to re-enroll for an additional semester in order to complete the course and earn credit. For students originally enrolled in a single semester, the course must be completed within the two-month extension. This is the only option for students enrolled in a single semester course.

Re-enroll for an additional semester: For full year students who are unable to complete the course by the original end date and who do not qualify for an extension because they have more than ten lessons outstanding, we offer the option of re-enrolling in the course. Students who have finished their first semester work (up through Lesson 18) with a passing grade will be awarded first semester credit, and are welcome to re-enroll in the second semester only. A single semester enrollment allows students five months to complete the remainder of the lessons in the course. When re-enrolling in a course, students begin where they left off and are not asked to resubmit lessons they have already completed. If first semester credit has not been earned, however, the student will need to re-enroll for a full year. No further extensions will be granted when repeating a course.

Materials Credit

K–8: If you have purchased the required curriculum new from Oak Meadow within the previous eighteen months, we will apply a maximum of $100 credit to the total tuition. Oak Meadow Seconds are not eligible for a materials. credit.

High School: If you have the required textbook for a core course, we will apply a $50 credit per course to the total tuition. No credit is given for an Oak Meadow syllabus.